In addition to using our experience, modern processing equipment, and with our in house art personnel, we can create amazing, easy to use image masks.

The adhesive quality to the mask is integral for avoiding all glue build-up in the etch areas providing quick and consistent blasting results. Using the straight forward application makes the mask ideal for flat and curved surfaces for sizes up to 50 inches by 120 inches of sandblasting area.

We have the ability to generate your camera-ready or digital artwork into a film photo positive or negative and can assist with art modifications, production, and design.

In order to ensure your total satisfaction, no design is sent to production without the client’s final approval. In other words, we hold our quality and production value to high standards.

Class Schedule

April 24 – 25, 2020


Are you ready to take your projects to the next level? Are you ready to get that fine detail in your designs, ready to convert your photos so they can be etched?

Then THIS is a completely hands-on course for you!

Day 1

Wash Out: We will have full hands-on washing out masks and exposing films.
Dry Film: We will go over Rapid Mask as the two methods are very different.
Glass Preparation: This is very important; a lot of our students miss a few steps and wonder why they get blowouts.
Artwork: We will go over basic techniques using Photoshop to convert your photos for your etched pieces. Illustrator for adding text and redrawing logos.
Blasting: Then the FUN begins! Everyone gets to blast their own projects!

*Friday night PRACTICE using your notes for converting photos.*

Day 2

Recap of day 1. We will do more blasting, exposing, washout, and go over any equipment questions you may have. If you still have questions about Photoshop and converting your photos, now is the time to ask!

So far, all the students we have taught have walked away with new and valuable information to improve their blasting skills.

Let our techniques take you to the next level and put you past all the frustrations of being new to the trade.

If interested please contact, Our phone numbers are (817) 330-3371 & (817) 330-3514. Please contact us to reserve your spot. The total cost for this two-day course is $500.